The Holy Crusaders is a veteran guild, formed way back in the beta days of the game. We have prospered and grown into a big, loving, helpful family. Many have crossed paths with us, and we have laid the spirit of helpfulness, kindness and professionalism upon them, bringing success and happy gaming into the table.

To maintain the positive agenda of the guild and the reputation both outside and inside the guild intact, a few guidelines are in order. Please take time to read the guidelines, as we have taken our time to write them with our members in mind.

The Holy Crusaders Guidelines

Updated via leadership as of October 2018 :-

1.  All characters/toons must put their current Item Level in the roster comments. Please try to issue an update as often as you can, and when you see fit. The format of the comment must look like the following - ### (digits), Name (if needed),  Class/spec if you'd like, (alt of **** if relevant) + anything else you'd like.

Example: 18000 - Sorce - Spellstorm Renegade - Shout if you need my Tank or DC!

Example 2 : 17950 - Czar Jarek - AC/DO DC.

2. If you plan on being absent for more than 30 days for any reason, please post in the leave of absence forums, The location of that particular forum can be found here. Any inactivity that's 30 days or more without any sort of notice (we check all toons from that person's account to ensure we are correct with time), will result in a kick for inactivity. Depending on the room and situation, if you return, you just need to contact anyone in leadership, ideally @confusedpoof or @jeffslider and we can get you back in, and I stress on depending. Remember, if you are going for more than 30 days due to whatever reason (we understand real life is important, of course) and you plan to come back, contact the handles mentioned previous to let us know or just make a forum post on the website's 'Leave of Absence Notifications' on the guild's website located in the forum's section. If you are gone however for over 60 days even with the notification, we may remove you anyway mainly for room reasons. For everyone wanting to come back regardless of however time you were away, the main tester of that class will take you on an endgame run to make sure you can be back up to speed.

3.  We accept up to 3 characters per person. Main character must be 70, and the rest of the alts shall be at least 60. For this rule, sometimes, we are aware that people have more than three competitive toons. If you fall into that category, let us know and if the accounts number in the guild is reasonable, we can easily invite your remaining toons.

4.  If and when you choose to deposit any item into the Guild bank, please make sure said item is both identified and gets deposited into the right category. Do not hesitate to ask others if you're not sure, other members will appreciate the order in the tabs.All items must be blue or above (not common/uncommon, except for potions.) All withdraws shall be reasonable. One must only withdraw an item for personal use, if said item gets caught on the Auction House, disciplinary actions will be taken.

5.  If any member has an issue with another member, a question, suggestion for the guild or any other useful information, please let us know. We value your opinion as any other and would like to receive feedback. As leadership, we'll do our best to assist with your situation and take action if needed. Please keep us informed and be respectful to one another.

6.  Be patient towards new members. Be helpful as much as your knowledge and ability lets you to others, you will surely recieve the same treatment from the rest of the members. We're here to develop and assist others to achieve their goals within the game, always remember and respect that.

7.  Any use of Drains in PVP is forbidden. The use of these items and/or exploits could result in the termination of your membership. Use of any game-breaking exploits (ones that involve auto-winning content by bypassing dungeon/trial mechanics such as powers that are currently broken and instakill bosses, etc.) is also forbidden.

8.  A guildie is not allowed to ask, when looking for dungeon partners, for - High DPS Basically with this, we're an endgame guild and everyone who plays a dps toon, should know what he/she is doing, so no need to ask for 'HDPS' in our guild chat in the first place.

Happy gaming!

For the guild's mission statement if you need to familiarize yourself with it, please check it out Here.