Mission Statement

[Leader] Jarek a posted Oct 15, 18


A mission statement - 'A formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.' Simple right?. Having a good mission statement and core values gives whether it's an organization, guild, anything a clear path to nagivate through to fully understand what's the direction, goals and such one wants to achieve/maintain.

Why are we here? and what's our true purpose as a guild? - The crusaders are here to be a top guild of excellence and this is displayed via our talents, understandings of the classes we play, our socialable personalities and the purpose here is to exceed in all those areas and have the most fun in doing so. We are here do our best to excel, help one and another grow to become even better and build a tight knit and enjoyable community with our members within the guild.

Core Values - 'A principle or belief that a person or organization views as being of central importance.' Based off our mission statement, we have identified two important values we abide by here that are simple, yet effective to get our message/points across about what type of guild we are.

Rule #1: Be Excellent

Everyone here has a commitment to excellence. This means that each of us strives to be one of the best players in the game, for our class(es).

As a Crusader, you have a right to expect that every single one of your guildmates has the ability to run end game content very well, on their Main(s) and also on any Alt(s) that have been cleared as Mains (i.e. approved to +up for Endgame runs.) We all want to know that when we call for a run in Crusader chat, anybody who +'s up is totally qualified and will make the run go smooth as well as make our guild look good.

Of course we're all free to screw around, or experiment with different approaches to test things out, or do things just for fun or role-play reasons, and we're all entitled to our personal preferences in terms of play-style. This guild is both competitive and social. Use your discretion about what times are appropriate to horse around, or test out experimental things, versus what times are appropriate for a more professional level of play (e.g. 2x Enchants or other "money" events, or competitions where guild image is at stake, etc.)


Rule #2: Don't Be a Douchebag

As a guild we are both competitive and social. We help each other get better, and encourage each other to take our game to the next level.

So don't be a douchebag. That means, don't do things that undermine your fellow guildmate's commitment to Excellence (see Rule #1, above), and also, don't be nasty with people or socially detrimental. We want a great social image both inside the guild, and outside the guild.

Now sometimes we like to tease each other in good fun, take the piss, rib each other, banter, whatever you want to call it -- that's great and totally encouraged. But don't cross the line (whatever that happens to be at the time for the people you're bantering with) and if you do so accidentally, please clean it up right away.

Another aspect of not being a douchebag, is not cheating or otherwise doing things that can get yourself, your guildmates or the whole guild in trouble. For example, the next time something like the Barovia Hunts exploit comes along, or the original release of Cradle with the "logout skip" for the push-pull phase, we don't participate in that crap. We are very serious about not cheating here and we are quite proud, bringing up the an example, the barovia hunt exploit that we had no one to our knowledge in our guild getting banned for that so we expect people to main that level of clean play and honesty.

We don't need to cheat to win, we're actually some of the best players -legit-.


How Do We Handle When a Member Breaks These Values/Rules:

Violations of Rule #1: Be Excellent - This is usually handled by leadership intervention and us all being supportive and encouraging. Assuming that the player in question still shares our guild value of Excellence, we will all pitch in to help them become solid or a role-model player of their class.

For example, if someone is really struggling in a particular endgame dungeon, or in certain types of party makeups, they should go to their other guild mates who play that class to get advice or officer/leader that plays the same class.
Once in a while, someone doesn't know that they're being ineffective and it gets reported up the chain to guild leadership. When that happens, guild leadership will approach that member and assess what's going on. Basically, the individual will usually be put in touch with one of the officer/testers for their class (same people who test incoming players) and get some coaching. Also they will usually be asked not to +up for anything above CN runs (Everything above CN is considered endgame), until they've improved their performance/get the cleared by the officer/tester

Note Well Here - The specific directions from guild leadership can vary based on each situation, these are just general examples of how we will support our members (each other). Once the player in question improves and can demonstrate that to their class mentor(s), they'll be cleared by guild leadership to freely +up for Endgame content once again.

** In those few cases where a player is actually not interested in improving, not interested in your fellow man/woman's help and would prefer not to be competitive - That's okay, we all have our own ways we believe the game should be played, but you're probably not a good match for the crusaders as we're competitive with our social aspect and we expect members to want to do well, be social, represent us well and maintain a solid standard of gameplay.

** Also, if any player engages in behavior that would undermine this process (e.g. falsely reporting another member due to personal drama, or, being a jerk to the testers/coaches if you're the person who has an opportunity to improve your performance, etc) then they will have violated Rule #2: Don't be a Douchebag.


Violations of Rule #2, Don't Be a Douchebag, will usually be handled by kicking the player(s) in question out of the guild.

At guild leadership's discretion, they may try to work with someone to help them get a clear slate with the rest of the guild membership -- but that is a privilege that may or may not be extended in any given situation, it is not a right.

Here are some common examples of Douchebag behavior that we as a guild will not tolerate, and explanations:

* Sabotaging other member's runs, hunt groups, etc - Anyone who systematically undermines their fellow guild mates gets both kicked and fast-tracked to the blacklist of not only the crusaders, but the alliance guilds as well. We have an agreement that any troublemaker from another guild, if he/she is kicked from that guild, they will be listed on the alliance's blacklist and they will not be allowed to join any other guild in the alliance.

* Dealing unfairly with other members when making trades. Be as fair as possible with other members, save the shrewdness for outside the guild.

* Being malicious, verbally or otherwise - Everyone here has a right to feel valued and respected, which means that no member should be verbally malicious towards another member. Again, while it's totally fine to troll/screw with your comrades in good fun, you should understand to not cross the line. If you don't know where someone's line is, you can find out beforehand or run with these people you're not familar with more to understand them as we have a lot of people in the guild that are friends and they know usually the trolls, the fun stuff pretty easily because of the connection built. If by chance you do cross a line, we're grown people here, just apologize for it and move on. Respect for your fellow man/woman!

* Repeatedly +'ing up for endgame content with an unapproved alt - Without advance permission/invitation. This also applies to a Main if you are working with a mentor to get your performance up to par/a solid level of gameplay.

* Damaging the Guild or Alliance image by being a total donkey to non-guild members - Whether it's PUG runs or Alliance runs or whatever, anyone outside our guild should see our values when they see one of us. We are both competitive and social. We're helpful and welcoming, with a comedic side to us (Some has that artful singing voice you hear on our karoke like LILITH@groo111, the guild's greatest singer) and we're also not casual players. We're an end game guild so we want our members to have a great time along with being good at the toons they play which is fair to ask from all of us.


If You See Something, Say Something:

Let a guild officer know if you have a serious concern about another guild member's performance on a main, or an alt in endgame content. You are doing yourself, that person and the whole guild a huge service by letting guild officers know that there might be an issue. We will do our best to help every guild member Be Excellent, for the good of the whole guild.

Also, if you're the person a guild officer/leader comes to you because other members have seen you performing at less than Crusader levels, please be open-minded. It can be frustrating or embarrassing on one hand, but in reality it's truly a great opportunity to take your game to the next level and know that your fellow guild mates actually give a damn about you and we're here to help/assist you!

Another point to add here is if you yourself feel like you personally need help on a main or any alt, you are free to come to us of course and we will help you/organize something for you to eventually make you reach your goals.


At The Same Time, Don't Say It Unless You Mean It:

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes, really bad days. That's not a problem. What we're asking people to speak up about, is when they see someone repeatedly performing at less than Crusader level in particular in endgame runs inside the guild, or any content outside the guild. So you should only report another member if you have a serious concern. Not for a casual concern, and definitely not for any sort of personal agenda driven concern.

If a member is found to be misusing this (delibrately on some stupid agenda against another person for whatever reason) then they will have violated Rule #2: Don't Be a Douchebag, and will be treated accordingly.

Now that the mission statements of the family is laid out, happy gaming! For anyone needing to familiarize yourself with the guild's guidelines, please check that out Here